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I heard voices

Voices loud and silent

    fly away

Over and over

Echoing again and again

Echoing in my mind

    fly and fly away


Be free and easy

Free like an eagle

Free from your past

Fly and fly away from fear

    fly away my dear


Fly away from infections

Infections of words that hurt

Infection of your enemy

Fly away from bad memories

Memories that keep hurting

Hunting you my dear


I want to be free

Move from place to place

Freer than a fly in air

Free from the chains of anger

     fly away fro tears


Feel free from loneliness

     away i fly

I fly from the world

The world where happiness is a fallacy

      far away i fly


A way from pain

Fly and fly away

Away i fly

For a year

For years

I flap away,far and far i fly.

Author: potofpoetry

l love loving and being loved,friendly and a very happy Lady

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